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As a landlord, you cannot afford to miss this:

5 Misconceptions About Selling Rental Property

Do you enjoy paying lots of taxes on the sale of your rental property? Would you hate making money on your property without the worry of being a landlord? Do you want to just give money away? If you answered NO to these questions, then sign up for my news letter and get my free report on the misconceptions of selling your rental property. In addition to the report, you will receive my monthly newsletter, all ABSOLUTELY free. I can help!

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Being a landlord is...hard...frustrating...a nightmare...not worth it...stressful...not the easiest job...a headache

Is that picture you?

Or do you like dealing with nightmare tenants, managing  property managers, just eeking out a profit? Or do you not care at all about the upcoming economic downturn? That kind of stress is something  you don't need. Download our free report, give us a call.  Let us show you how easy it can be to still make money with your property, recession proof your income AND not deal with tenants or property managers.

We can buy those problems from you! Invest in your happiness with us!

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Use the form below to schedule a call or email us to set up an appointment to meet!


Meeting with us is easy. We will come to the house or meet you wherever you like. We will listen to YOU and what YOU want. Tell us about your situation and your plans. The more you tell us the more we can help!

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After we meet, I Wish Homes will present you with several offers for you to choose from to sell your property. 


I Wish Homes won't just make one offer, but we will take your situation and generate several different offers that could fit your situation! Don't worry we will explain each offer to you and how it can benefit you. 

Step 3


Once you accept an offer, just meet as the closing table, and then cash your check! Its really that easy!

It's that easy!

We strive to make it as easy as possible to close with us. We know you have better things to do than pour over tons of paperwork, so we will take care of all the details for you.  Whether you are selling the property for cash or owner financing, we got you covered. 


Guy B.

Probate Seller

Working with “I Wish Homes” was easy and a smart move for me.  Amongst multiple offers, they did a simple walk through with me, and we agreed on a very competitive price.  They said what they meant, did what they said they would do and they were professional, flexible and responsive to my needs.  They worked with myself, the lawyers and Title Company flawlessly.  What might have otherwise been a difficult task in a trying time, turned out to be a relief for me and a comfortable resolution for my situation.


Dan Mitchen

Realtor - Keller Williams

I'm a local Real Estate agent and I've been working with  I Wish Homes for the last couple of years. They have been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I can't say enough good things about the company. They are the type of investor that doesn't just "put lipstick on a pig" with the work they do. They make the process as easy as possible for the seller, and then turn around to give the next tenant/homeowner who will be living in the home a top notch home that they can be proud to live in. I've enjoyed working with I Wish Homes and look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come!

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Lunetta S.

Probate Seller

This was my first time selling a home, and I decided to sell directly to I Wish Homes instead of working with a realtor. From our first conversation to closing the deal, they were professional, transparent, and respectful.  Initially, I was a bit nervous because this was a new experience for me, but they put everything in writing, and the process was exactly what they committed to, which made it stress-free.  This was a win-win for I Wish Homes and our family.  They were able to purchase a property that they were interested in, and we were able to sell our family home, at a fair price, with no hassles.

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